Adding a New Couple

Step 1

 – Add Couple

From your parish dashboard, click on the green “Add Couple” button.

Step 3

– Add Bride Information

Click on the purple box +ADD BRIDE INFORMATION.  



Add the Bride’s information:

  • Email Address
  • First and Last Name
  • Language all correspondence should be sent (English or Spanish

Click on “Save”


Note:  We are no longer asking for phone number.



– Add Groom Information

Next, click on the purple box +ADD GROOM INFORMATION. 




Repeat the same process as above for the Groom. Click on  SAVE.


Resend Welcome to Engaged Couple

If you wish to resend the Welcome email to the Engaged Couple in the new system, from your dashboard, click on the Couple ID you wish to work with.


Click on the person’s email address you wish to resend the Welcome Email



Next, click on “Resend Welcome Email”

Step 2

– Enter Couple’s Wedding Date

You may enter the couple’s wedding date manually mm/dd/yyyy or use the drop down calendar to the right.  (Small calendar icon)

Note:  If the couple has not set their wedding date yet, enter 01/01/0001

Click on “Next”

Step 4

– Assign Inventory

Click on the green button ASSIGN INVENTORY.




From the drop down inventory, choose Fully Engaged Premarital or Fully Engaged Convalidation.

From the drop down “How will this be administered”  chose one of the following:

  • Online – couple use a link sent to them and will enter their answers themselves
  • Parish Scored – couple will take the inventory via paper and pencil with parish inputting the data

Click on “Save”

You’re Done!

If you have chosen for the couple to take the inventory on-line, they will automatically be sent the Welcome Email to complete the inventory.

If your parish is manually scoring, see additional instructions below.





Edit Couple's User Information

If you need to update the person’s Couple Profile, such as email address or any other data about the person (spelling of name, phone, etc.) do that first by clicking on next to the person’s email address.
After you have completed updating the person’s information, click on UPDATE at the bottom of the screen

Manually Entering Information

Step 1 - Couple Profile

– Manage Couple Profile

Start by clicking on the purple “Manage Couple Profile” button under the Couple ID

This information sets the additional sections that may be used (Ecumenical, Second Marriage and Blended Family.  It asks questions on:

  • Years/Months Dating
  • Same faith tradition
  • First marriage
  • Living together
  • Pregnancy
  • Children bringing to marriage
  • If Fully Engaged  is mailing the Couple’s Workbooks, here is where you enter the mailing information.

After this information is added, click on “Save and Lock”.

Next, click on “Go Back” at the top.

Note:  All fields need a response.  If any are left without a selection, you will not be able to printout the results. (with the exception of mailing information)


Step 2 - Personal Information

– Add Information

Click on Bride “Update.”  The previous information you entered  will be filled in, so complete the following date:

  • Age
  • Religion
  • Church Attendance
  • Marital Status
  • Children
  • Education Completed
  • Annual Salary
  • Ethnic Origin

Click “Update” at the bottom of the screen.

Repeat process for Groom.

Note:  Please ensure all information is included.  If a field is not entered, you will be not be able to printout the results.

Step 3 - Entering Responses

To enter the Bride and Groom’s responses to the statements, click on “Fully Engaged Premarital” or “Fully Engaged Convalidation.”

On the next screen click on Bride’s box for answer #1, Enter “1= Yes,” “2=No,” or “3=Unsure” .  Hit your tab to advance to the next statement. Be careful not to enter more than one number per statement. 

The statements are on pages of 25 statements each, like the bubble sheets the couples used to complete their answers. When the first 25 answers are entered, click on page 2 at the bottom and the next page will come up.  Enter all the brides answers.  When you have finished with the Bride, go back to page 1 and enter the Groom’s responses .

Note:  All statements need a response or you will not be able to print the results.  If the couple left an answer blank, enter “3=unsure”.

Downloading Results


Step 1

From your parish Dashboard, click on of Couple ID you wish to print

Step 3

On the screen with couple’s responses,, click on “Create English PDF” or “Create Spanish PDF”  


A box will appear saying “Generating your PDF will take a moment.  Please refresh this page in a few minutes to Download.”  Click on OK.  You will receive an email when it is ready to download.

Accessing Results from Old Site

If you have an engaged couple in the old system who has not yet taken the inventory, the welcome email they received with the link has been revised.
The use the URL string sent them and add the word “old” to the beginning of it.
For example, the URL string for our demo parish in the old system is:
It is now:
The Couple ID remains the same.

Step 2

On the screen of couple, click on “Fully Engaged Premarital” or “Fully Engaged Convalidation”

Step 4

Refresh your page and click on “Download PDF”  This may take a few minutes.  An email will also be sent to the results contact advising the results are now available.

When you go back to the results page, you will have choices to:

  • Download the results
  • Send Results to the email on record to receive results
  • Regenerate the results in a different language than you had already chosen.