Fully Engaged offers flexible scoring options for user’s needs!

1. In-House Scoring by Parish

Parish personnel score the inventory using their parish profile and entering the couple’s data. The online scoring program e-mails the couple’s results to the parish immediately upon completion.  Cost $12 per couple for scoring or $30 per couple if Fully Engaged mails Couple’s Workbooks (2) and Supplements to couple.

2. Couples Take the Inventory Online

This option allows the engaged couple to take the Fully Engaged inventory online at their convenience. The couple receives a user ID from the parish to log onto the Fully Engaged website. They enter their credit card information to pay the scoring fee. Next, the couple enters their responses to the inventory statements which appear in randomized order. When completed, the parish immediately receives the Fully Engaged results via e-mail and Fully Engaged mails Couples Workbook (2 copies) and Supplements to couple. Cost $30.

3. Parish Sends Inventory to Fully Engaged for Scoring

The parish sends the answer sheets to Fully Engaged for scoring. The results are returned to the parish via e-mail, FAX or US Mail.  Cost $15 per couple for scoring.