Thank you for your dedication to forming couples for Christian marriage!

Whether you are a mentor couple, a priest, deacon, or lay minister, your involvement in this vital ministry enriches the Body of Christ by strengthening marriages and future families. The sharing of your gifts reaches far beyond your own time and place, touching people and communities you will never see. Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you in this way.

Topical Resources


After the Wedding
  •  Two Questions for Every Engaged Couple – From the Diocese of Sioux Falls – Straight talk from Fr. Joseph Vogel as he discusses cohabitation and promiscuity, giving insight into what is really important for engaged couples to consider and what will bring them true happiness in marriage.
  • How Life Before “I Do” Impacts Lasting Love 1:23:16 – Sliding vs Deciding by Dr Scott Stanley – University of Denver – the negative effects cohabitation has on commitment to marriage.
Other articles on Cohabitation:
Communication Tips

Using the Speaker / Listener Technique  – of communication and conflict resolution.  This technique can use the communication cross as its foundation.  (Couple’s Workbook page 10.)

The Power of Positive Communication

Sacraments of Eucharist & Reconciliation
Using the Couple's Workbook


Folletos / Artículos
Planeando una Boda Católica
Folletos / Artículos
Planificación familiar natural
Folletos / Artículos

Sacramentos de reconciliación y eucaristía

EL GRAN MILAGRO  – The Greatest Miracle

Vida Familiar y Crianza de los Hijos