1. Clergy and sponsor couples are trained and given a copy of the Facilitator’s Guide.  For training opportunities, click here.

2. The bride and groom complete the Fully Engaged Inventory either by pen and paper or online. When finished, each person receives a copy of the Couple’s Workbook and is assigned a section to complete prior to meeting with their facilitator.

3. Once the inventory is scored, the Facilitators meet with the engaged couple (preferably four or more times). Using both the results of the Inventory and Couple’s Workbook, the Facilitator will lead discussion regarding areas of agreement and difference. The Facilitator will continue to assign and work through the Couple’s Workbook sections with the engaged couple.

4. After the couple is married, each spouse receives a series of monthly emails that contain specific, practical Catholic marriage tips. The goal is to help the marriage mature into the life-giving sacrament that Christ desires for them.

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