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Before you begin, please read the following instructions first.

Step 1: Take the inventory

  • To begin, you will need to set your Password.  Once you log into the system with your email, you will receive a screen indicating to Set / Recover Password.  When you click on Set / Recover Password, you will automatically be sent a time-sensitive email to set your password, so you will need access to your email.
  • After you have set your Password, you will log into the system using the email and password.
  • If your parish has determined you are to pay for the scoring and Couple’s Workbooks, the first person logging in will be asked to enter their credit card information.  The cost is $30 per couple and the Couple’s Workbooks and Supplements will be mailed to you.
  • You will first complete your Couple Profile (including the name of the person receiving the workbooks, address, city, state and zip code), your User information and then you will have access to take the Fully Engaged Inventory.
  • There is a series of 159 statements, with additional specialized sections for those who are not both Catholic, entering into a second or subsequent marriage, and for those bringing children into the marriage. The system will guide you as you proceed to answer the appropriate statements customized for you.
  • It will take you approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Make sure you have enough uninterrupted time alone to complete the inventory.
  • You are asked to read each statement and answer “Yes”, “No” or “Unsure.” The first answer that you chose is the one you should respond. This is not meant to be a thorough reflection on each statement, but rather your first reaction to the topic.
  • Use “Unsure” sparingly. If you do not understand the statement or have not discussed the topic with your fiancé, “Unsure” is appropriate.
  • If you cannot finish the inventory in one sitting, your answers are saved.
  • Make sure to answer ALL the questions in the “Couple’s Profile” and your “User Information”.  When entering your responses to the statements, ALL statements need an answer.  If you skip over a question or statement, the information cannot be sent to your parish.

Please complete the Fully Engaged Inventory using the information below:

To set your password and begin using Fully Engaged, click here.

For future reference, here’s your login information:

Login Page: https://scoring.getfullyengaged.com/user/login

Email: Groom:   email

Email:  Bride:   email


Step 2: After the inventory

After you both have completed answering the statements and submitted your answers:

  • Your Fully Engaged Inventory combined results are sent to your facilitator (priest, deacon pastoral associate or mentor couple).
  • They will contact you to go over the results and discuss areas to help form you for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.
  • This takes several meetings.

Step 3: Receiving workbooks

After you have completed the inventory:

  • Either your parish will distribute the Fully Engaged Couple’s Workbook to each of you or they will be mailed to you from Fully Engaged.
  • The parish determines which method you will receive the Couple’s Workbooks.
  • If you do not receive the Couple’s Workbooks from either source, please contact your parish prior to your first meeting with your facilitator(s.)

Step 4: After you’re married

  • You will receive a series of emails once a month from Fully Engaged until your first anniversary. The emails are designed to continue your formation for marriage with ideas for newlyweds on a variety of topical issues pertinent today.
  • If your email addresses changes from the one you provided in completing the Fully Engaged Inventory, please correct your email in your personal profile your records are up-to-date

Please note: If your parish has chosen for the Couple’s Workbooks to be mailed to you, when you log in, you will be required to enter either the Bride or Groom’s shipping address.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us for support.

The Fully Engaged team

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