All Materials Available in English and Spanish


To get started with the Fully Engaged Catholic marriage preparation program, each parish needs to complete the online parish profile form located on the home page. Each parish will be asked to provide contact information, billing procedures, and inventory scoring preferences. The parish will need to determine if they will supply the Couple’s Workbook or if the Couple’s Workbook should be directly to the couple from Fully Engaged. Costs and explanations are below or click here (Espanol) for a materials list and overview:

Scoring: $12 per couple. Cost includes data processing for printout and emailing results to facilitators.

Facilitator Guide Preview Package: $45 each. One needed per facilitator /facilitator couple.

Couple’s Workbooks: $7 each. Two needed per wedding (both the bride and groom receive a copy). Contains Catechetical information, reflection questions and prayers that help lead the couple into deeper conversation of important topical areas.

Inventory Booklet: $4 each. Not needed if the couples take the inventory online. Two needed per parish. Reusable.

Summary: Scoring and Two Couple’s Workbooks will cost the parish $26 per couple.

Additional Option: Couple’s Pay for scoring costs and Workbooks.

The parish may opt to have the couples pay for the scoring and Couple’s Workbooks. With this option, the couple provides their credit card information at the time of logging on to take the inventory. Fully Engaged mails the couples their workbooks With this option, the only materials the parish needs is the Facilitator’s Guide.

The cost for the couple is $30 (the extra $4 is for the shipping costs).

Convalidation: Fully Engaged offers a complete Convalidation Inventory. The Convalidation Inventory Booklet and Couple’s Workbook mirror the premarital inventory in both cost and function. The Convalidation Facilitator’s Guide consists of a set of pages that can be inserted into the back of the premarital Facilitator’s Guide.

English pages cost $12. Bilingual (English & Spanish) pages cost $17.

Click here for information about the Convalidation Inventory’s costs and materials.

Training: A training Flash Drive is available.

  • English Flash Drive: $30
  • Spanish Flash Drive: $30
  • English Training Manual: $30
  • Bilingual Training Manual:  $35

A trainer is available to come to your diocese. Travel and lodging expenses are the only costs in involved with training. No stipend is necessary. Available in English only.

Additional Supplements : Samples of the Catholic Identity, Financial and Infertility & Adoption Supplements are included in the Preview Packages and are available free to download from our web-site under Facilitator Resources. You may also purchase in packs of 10 for $10 each plus postage.